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Safer and responsible gambling dice

Social Responsibility - Assured Kitemark for the gambling industry

Ensuring betting, gaming, bingo, casino and lottery businesses work to reduce gambling harm

5 ways assured businesses can make gambling safer

  • Identify customers at risk and take action

    Certified businesses use a range of measures to identify customers at risk of experiencing gambling harm and have systems and controls in place to engage effectively with these customers.

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  • Provide tools to manage your gambling

    Certified businesses continuously look for ways to support their customers, such as by providing information on gambling responsibly and offering gambling management tools such as setting deposit and loss limits.

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  • Staff training and development

    Certified businesses provide high quality training to their management and staff on safer gambling and provide regular training updates.

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  • Responsible marketing and promotions

    Certified businesses market their products responsibly by not allowing gambling to be seen as attractive to children, and making sure that self-excluded customers do not receive their marketing materials.

    Standard governance
  • Continually improve and share learning

    Certified businesses continually test and improve their approach to minimising gambling harm. They share what works well and what hasn’t worked well with competitors.

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Who is behind the Standard?

The scheme is managed by GamCare, a charity and the UK's leading provider of free information, advice and support for anyone affected by problem gambling. We also work with the gambling industry to support customers and prevent people from experiencing gambling harm.

Concerned about a business?

The Standard is a voluntary quality standard for businesses licensed by the Gambling Commission, we do not regulate the industry. If you would like to make a complaint about a gambling business, you should seek advice from the Commission.

How assurance benefits customers

  • You’re using a business that focuses on customer safety
  • You get access to tools and information to manage your gambling
  • You’ll receive support if concerning changes in your play are detected