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What is the Standard?

Safer Gambling Standard


Is your gambling business committed to making gambling safer for consumers? Then why not show that you put customer protection at the heart of your business by achieving the Safer Gambling Standard?

If you run a gambling business or are part of its management or compliance team, please answer our short 10 question self-assessment. It should take you less than five minutes. The answers you give to some of these questions could be quite subjective, but please answer them as best you can.

Don’t worry if you can’t answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions yet. We can work with you to make sure that you can answer ‘Yes’ to all questions as we want all gambling businesses to achieve the Safer Gambling Standard and make gambling safer for everyone.

We’ll review your answers and then get in touch to let you know how we can support your business in achieving the Standard.

Please complete your contact details on the last page of the questionnaire so we can get back to you to confirm how your business can meet the Standard.


Answering the following questions is designed to help you and us understand how close your business could be to achieving the Safer Gambling Standard.

All responses you provide are confidential and we won’t share them with anyone in or outside of your business.


See GamCare’s Safer Gambling Standard Website Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for more information.


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