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What is the Standard?


Safer Gambling Standard governance

On this page we explain how we ensure the independence, transparency and integrity of the Safer Gambling Standard assessment process.

As a charity and the UK’s leading provider of free information, advice and support for anyone affected by problem gambling, GamCare is well placed to undertake an independent assessment of the measures a gambling business has put in place to protect people from experiencing gambling-related harm. As well as operating this scheme, we offer a range of training, services and resources for businesses.

Ensuring independence

The Standard criteria are reviewed on an annual basis by our Standard Review Panel. The panel consists of independent experts in the field of safer gambling and does not include a representative of the gambling industry.

Each assessment is undertaken by a trained GamCare assessor. Our assessors have extensive experience working in gambling compliance and regulation.

Please note that the Standard is a voluntary quality standard for businesses licensed by the Gambling Commission, we do not regulate the industry. If you would like to make a complaint about a gambling business, you should seek advice from the Commission.

Publishing assessment results

The results of successful assessments are published on this website by level of award – see our Assured Businesses page. Given the commercially sensitive nature of much information, GamCare does not publish specific details regarding the assessment unless written consent is provided by the business. All evidence submitted for assessment is confidential.

What does the scheme actually assure?

The Standard looks at how a gambling business has integrated safer gambling within its organisational culture and how this culture flows throughout the organisation. One business may operate several brands and websites and this is reflected in our Assured businesses page. We list businesses by brand and website so that customers can easily identify whether the business they’re gambling with meets high standards in safer gambling. However, please note that the scope of each assessment is limited to the business’s head office and a sample of their venues, brands and websites.

If you need help reading our Assured businesses listings, please see our FAQs.

How are assessments funded?

GamCare is largely funded by GambleAware who receives donations from the gambling industry. We also receive funding directly from other sources, such as donations from individuals or one-off or recurring donations from other organisations or industry.

All gambling businesses pay GamCare a fee to undergo assessment. This fee covers the cost to administer the assessment process and does not guarantee that the business will be awarded the Standard. A business is only awarded the Standard when they have met all required criteria for the relevant level.

Revenue generated from assessments is re-invested in GamCare’s services and programmes.

How is GamCare governed?

GamCare is a registered charity and is governed by a Board of Trustees. Our mission is to support those affected by problem gambling through advice and treatment, and to minimise gambling-related harm through education, prevention and communication. 


How assurance benefits customers

  • You’re using a business that focuses on customer safety
  • You get access to tools and information to manage your gambling
  • You’ll receive support if concerning changes in your play are detected