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GamCare Industry Code for the Display of Safer Gambling Information – Land-based Venues

GamCare Industry Code for the Display of Safer Gambling Information (land-based venues)

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In November 2022, GamCare published a new Code for gambling businesses setting out minimum standards for the display of Safer Gambling information within gambling venues.

Everyone deserves to have easy access to straightforward, well signposted safer gambling tools, support and information in order to prevent the development of gambling problems or to ensure they can easily access support if needed.

This Code was developed in consultation with the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), British Amusement Catering Trade Association (BACTA) and Bingo Association (BA) with input from lived experience, the Gambling Commission and businesses directly. The code provides an outline of the minimum standards for the display of safer gambling information that the public should expect to find when engaging in land-based gambling.

Whilst it is not a legal requirement of businesses to adhere to this Code, adherence can be assumed as a commitment of that business to seeking out a better experience for customers.

This video explains more about industry codes.

Areas of the Code

The Code covers the following areas:

  • Placement of Safer Gambling information within venue
  • Further resources for displaying Safer Gambling information
  • Safer Gambling messaging
  • Minimum content requirements for Safer Gambling leaflets
  • Updating Safer Gambling information
  • Presentation of content
  • Approach to code development


Members of the BGC, BACTA and BA who operate in land-based venues need to be fully compliant with the Code by May 2023. This timescale reflects that longer-term developmental work may be required by businesses to ensure compliance with some aspects of the Code.

However, there are also a number of measures in the Code which can be achieved in the short term. Businesses are therefore expected to have commenced implementation and ensure best endeavours to implement various measures in the Code as soon as feasibly possible.