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The Standard

The Standard covers 10 areas, and up to 58 criteria, which are the foundation to building a safer gambling approach.

The Standard covers 10 areas and up to 58 separate criteria which are the foundation to building a safer gambling approach.  The Level of Award a gambling business can receive also depends upon the degree to which the business can evidence meeting up to 15 Advanced Level criteria. The 10 areas of the Standard are shown below.  Download the latest version of the Safer Gambling Standard here.


The Standard areas

  1. Strategy, Leadership Commitment, Governance, Assurance, KPIs, Risk Management

  2. Age Verification, Marketing, Product Design, Safer Gambling Information & Tools including Self Exclusion

  3. Risk Profiling & Customer Interaction; Young Persons, High Value & Vulnerable Customer Management

  4. Staff Training, Performance Management and Gambling Information & Support

  5. Industry Collaboration & Evaluation; Research, Education & Trust Collaboration

Download the Standard

Version 4.1 2022

Download the Standard document for full details on the assessment process and criteria.

Download the Standard

A constantly evolving Standard

The requirements of the Safer Gambling Standard are updated every year to build upon developments in regulation and safer gambling good practice.  Any business achieving the Safer Gambling Standard is required to keep pace with such developments if they are to continue to meet the Standard in future. See previous versions of the Standard.

Access summary of document changes from V2.0 2020 to V3.1 2021

Why become assured?

  • Support: Get independent advice on your performance
  • Benchmark: Our different levels show how you compare to other businesses in safer gambling
  • Prevent: Your accreditation fees are re-invested in GamCare's support and outreach services