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National Gambling Helpline Transfers

Responsible gambling team

Transfer customers wishing to receive specialist support for a gambling problem directly into the National Gambling Helpline via a dedicated line.

As well as ensuring vulnerable customers get seamless access to the support they need, through this transfers process GamCare can report back to businesses anonymously on the number and quality of calls transferred, as well as some high-level outcomes of transfers, helping businesses understand the impact of their interventions.

How does it work? 

Customer Service teams who have completed our training can be provided with a dedicated hot-key to transfer callers into the National Gambling Helpline. This separate line bypasses the recorded messages of the main line to connect directly to our team of advisers. 

Advisers at GamCare are trained to identify and expect calls to be transferred in this way and can immediately begin to manage the call, giving the expert support required to the customer in need. 

Who benefits? 

  • Customers benefit from a smooth and frictionless transfer to the services they need, at the moment of asking for help. They can seize the opportunity arising from the motivation to make change without the need to hang up and redial to reach us.
  • Businesses benefit as they will have assurance that their customers are receiving the support they need, and they can receive information about the outcomes of the transfers, giving them a sense of the impact the intervention is having.
  • GamCare benefits as we receive more referrals and are better able to reach those people who need our services most.

What’s in the package? 

As part of the package GamCare provides: 

  • an annual license for the business to transfer calls directly into the National Gambling Helpline via a designated line;
  • guidance for your staff to enable them to conduct seamless call transfers; 
  • quarterly reporting and analysis of data on call transfers including volume, quality of transfers, and anonymous outcome data. 

Please note that the cost of a license does not directly fund our Helpline services.

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