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Helpline Transfer Service Support

Helpline Transfer Service

If you deliver customer care to people experiencing negative impacts from gambling, your team can arrange a dedicated phone line to transfer callers straight to the National Gambling Helpline for support.

This section sets out all you need to know about using the Helpline Transfer Service.

Joining the service – your checklist

Before you can start transferring customers to the National Gambling Helpline, you need to answer YES to each point below.

My organisation has:

  • completed test calls to the Helpline without issue.
  • installed the Helpline direct dial in phone number* onto our call handling system.
  • signed a contract* for the service.
  • checked that our staff have completed our Helpline Transfers training* (to be refreshed at least annually).
  • included key information about the service in our internal processes and procedures for staff.

*GamCare sends your direct dial in phone number, contract and details to access our Helpline Transfers training by email.

How transfers work

Transfer testing

Training your staff

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