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Helpline Transfer Service Support

Test transfers

Helpline Transfer Service

Before joining the Helpline Transfer Service, you need to complete test calls to our direct dial in phone number.

Why make test calls?

Each organisation completes test transfers to confirm the process works as expected.

Tests are designed to:

  • Check that you can warm transfer a caller to our Helpline, and that the transferred caller gets successfully passed to our Adviser without being disconnected
  • Confirm that any call recording processes you have in place cease recording once the transfer has been completed
  • Identify what charges, if any, are applicable to the phone lines you operate
  • Check the numbers display correctly in our call handling system.

How to make test calls

GamCare will send you a separate, confidential direct dial in phone number by email when you enquire about the service. You need to conduct test calls to this direct dial in phone number, please note that this phone number must not be shared publicly.

A test transfer will need to be completed for each phone system your organisation uses. If you are unsure how many systems your organisation uses, your IT team should be able to advise on the level of testing required to ensure a full/consistent test of the system.

Transfer tests are most effective when you recruit two agents from your side to participate in the test; one acting as the customer being transferred and then one person being the customer service agent making the transfer.

It is imperative that you tell the National Gambling Helpline Adviser that this is a test call. You must tell the Adviser that this is a “non-target test transfer from [give the name of your organisation]”.

When to make test calls

Test transfers can happen after we have provided you with our direct dial in phone number for the Helpline. We ask that you make test calls on weekdays 10:30am – 2:30pm or any day from 4am – 7am.

Logging your test calls

When you have completed your test transfers, fill in the form below and we will be in touch to confirm next steps.


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