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Helpline Transfer Service Support

How transfers work

Helpline Transfer Service

The National Gambling Helpline Transfer Service does not require any technical integration between call handling systems, making it quick and easy to operationalise.

The transfer process

  1. One of your customer service agents identifies that a customer is experiencing gambling-related harm, or is at-risk of harm, either through their own gambling or the gambling of someone else.
  2. The agent completes all necessary account management processes with the customer.
  3. The agent establishes that the customer and those around them are safe and not at immediate risk of harm.
  4. The agent asks the customer whether they would like support or advice for gambling through the National Gambling Helpline.
  5. If the customer indicates that they would like support, the agent then covers our 4Cs: Confidentiality, Charges, Consent and Call-back (covered in full in our Helpline Transfers Hub eLearning course).
  6. The customer consents to the transfer, and the agent dials the direct dial in phone number on their call handling system.
  7. The agent speaks to a National Gambling Helpline Adviser and introduces themselves and the customer waiting on the line, raising any welfare concerns with the Adviser.
  8. The agent hangs up and leaves the customer to speak to an Adviser.

Note: No customer information is passed back to organisations, and it is not possible to transfer a customer back to a customer service agent after speaking with a Helpline Adviser.

Monitoring transfers

We recommend setting up internal monitoring systems as best-practice to track the number of attempted transfers and to monitor feedback from your staff about the process. Internal monitoring is not a requirement however, and we will continue to report back to you each quarter on the volume, quality and outcome of calls provided the transfer threshold is met.

The best practice we have seen is to record instances of a warm transfer being offered, then whether that offer was accepted or rejected, the reasons for the rejection and then reflections on whether there was anything the staff member or organisation could have done differently.

Quarterly reporting

We monitor and report on your transfers using the number displaying in our call handling system when you make a transfer, and then assigning that call and related Helpline data to your organisation. It is important that we know all of the numbers you will be making transfers from to monitor your transfers accurately. If your phone number(s) or call handling system change after you have signed up to the service, please let us know using the form below.

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