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Customer Interaction for the Gambling Industry eLearning

Customer Interaction for the Gambling Industry eLearning

eLearning course for gambling industry staff on how to identify and respond effectively to customers experiencing gambling related harms.

Access: Self enrol
Cost per licence: £35 (trade body discount), £79 (standard price)*
Time: 1 hour

What does the eLearning cover?

This course covers the three elements of customer interaction: Identify, Act, Evaluate. Learners will consider gambling behaviour, their role in identifying gambling related harm in customers and how to implement social responsibility actions in their business.  With a thought-provoking mix of video, case study and scenario materials to test knowledge and challenge existing practise, the course will help learners to recognise the signs of gambling related harm and better support and engage with vulnerable customers as a result. Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the impacts of gambling related harm and the industry’s social responsibility
  • Recognise signs of gambling related harm, including vulnerabilities that make people more at risk of experiencing harm
  • Understand effective ways to approach and record a safer gambling interaction as well as what types of intervention may be appropriate to different customers
  • Recognise what gambling support services are available and how to signpost to safer gambling tools and support

Who is the eLearning for?

The course is aimed at customer-facing staff working in entry level or middle management roles in land-based and online gambling environments.

Why choose GamCare eLearning?

  • Draws on GamCare’s clinical expertise and designed with lived experience and industry input
  • Uses several interactive methods to create an immersive experience for the learner
  • Builds on our popular face-to-face safer gambling training
  • Discounted rate for bulk purchases
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Certificate issued to learners upon completion

Interested purchasing this eLearning? Use the form below to enquire. Alternatively, if you are a single learner who is not a member of a gambling industry trade body, you can purchase an enrolment using this link.

*Price excludes VAT