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National Gambling Helpline logo

National Gambling Helpline logo

Gambling businesses or other organisations offering gambling activities like raffles can use the National Gambling Helpline logo to direct their customers to support if needed.

To access a copy of the logo, you need to complete the form below confirming you adhere to our Conditions of Use. A copy of the logo will then be emailed to you for download.

Logo options

We have two versions of the logo for use:

  • National Gambling Helpline with number, website URL and live chat call out – please use this version online if you are specifically linking through to our website
  • National Gambling Helpline with number and website URL – you can use this on printed materials as well as online (for example, when incorporating the logo into a wider messaging campaign)

You are required to display the logo in the colour versions provided. The only exception is if you are formatting your materials entirely in black and white, in which case the logo can be presented in black and white too.

Displaying the logo online

These logos must link to the GamCare website at: This will take the user directly to the page where they can access live chat, click to call, and more information on our Helpline services.

On a gambling website or app, the logo should appear on the Homepage and Safer Gambling page or microsite. It should also be displayed in website and app footers (if footers are used on site).

If you are incorporating the logo into existing materials, it is acceptable to link to an alternate website to match the primary purpose of the message, for example,, or your own Safer Gambling page or microsite.

Displaying the logo in printed materials

When displaying the logo in printed materials in gambling venues, you should be mindful of the Gambling Commission Licence conditions and codes of practice, specifically that information must be displayed prominently using methods appropriate to the size and layout of the premises and that information must be available in a form that may be taken away.

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