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Supporting Gambling Industry Employees: Safer Gambling Policy

Research from around the globe indicates that staff working in the gambling industry could be at increased risk of experiencing gambling related harm themselves.

The Safer Gambling Standard recognises the risks posed to staff who work in the gambling industry and requires businesses to ensure that information is made available to staff to highlight risks, as well as to de-stigmatise and encourage seeking help and support if they are concerned about their own or another staff member’s gambling behaviour.

GamCare has recognised the need for businesses to have further guidance on what to include within their employee gambling policies, and so we have produced a short resource including suggested content to help them support their staff in this area.

Matt Blanks, Service Manager with Peer Aid, spent 16 years working with bookmakers and understands the risks of addiction and harm well. During this time, he bet at increasingly unsustainable levels, ultimately losing around £700,000.

He says: “GamCare’s new resource allows gambling businesses to sense check whether existing policies are fit for purpose, and ensure they adequately protect and support staff if they develop a gambling problem. Businesses need to be really clear that raising concerns about yourself or a colleague’s gambling will not put your job at risk.”

September 2020

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GamCare’s resource sets out suggested content to be included within a gambling business’s safer gambling policy for employees.

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