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How to apply

Using Safer Gambling Standard logos

Business achieving Safer Gambling Standard accreditation

Gambling businesses that have received the Safer Gambling Standard can display the Safer Gambling Standard logo relevant to Level of the Standard the business has achieved on their websites, apps and in-venue to demonstrate their commitment to safer gambling.

Print and digital friendly formats of the logo are provided to businesses when they are awarded the Standard.

SGS Logos

Guidelines on using Safer Gambling Standard logos

Using the logo online: We recommend that assured businesses use the logo in their website footer as well as within their safer or responsible gambling webpages, ensuring that all text within the logo is visible to the customer. Wherever the logo is used, it must be hyperlinked to our assured business listings page: 

Using the logo in print: We recommend that assured businesses use the logo within print media where relevant, ensuring that all text within the logo is visible to the customer.

GamCare will engage with businesses who are found to be misusing the Safer Gambling Standard logo or who are found to be misleading people about the status of their Safer Gambling Standard Award.

Should any business or individual (including Safer Gambling Standard assured businesses or formerly assured businesses) make incorrect or misleading references to the Safer Gambling Standard Certification Scheme or engage in misleading use of certificates, logos or marks, or any other mechanism relating to the gambling business having achieved the Safer Gambling Standard found in documentation or other publicity, GamCare reserves the right to take remedial steps including legal action.

GamCare National Gambling Helpline logo

GamCare also offer a National Gambling Helpline logo for use by gambling businesses or other organisations offering gambling activities like raffles. Organisations can use this logo to direct their customers to support if needed. Please note – the National Gambling Helpline logo is separate to Safer Gambling Standard logos which are only available to assured businesses.


Why become assured?

  • Support: Get independent advice on your performance
  • Benchmark: Our different levels show how you compare to other businesses in safer gambling
  • Prevent: Your assurance fees are re-invested in GamCare's support and outreach services